Timer Section

A Timer Section is used to configure the various event timers used by racoon.

Configuration Example

In our configuration example, we define the timer section as shown below:


# Timer Section




    natt_keepalive 15 seconds;


Timer section from our example racoon.conf configuration file.

NAT Traversal Keep Alive

A NAT Traversal keep alive value can be specified to enable keep alive packets. The value specifies how long racoon should wait between sending the packets. A keep alive packet is used to prevent a firewall or router from expiring a NAT state entry that is being used by a VPN Client. NAT state entries are typically expired when no matching packets have been seen during a configured time interval. If a NAT state expires, the Client could experience communications failure.

see also:

VPN Client Configuration : Keep Alive Packet Rate


Specifies various timer values.

The following are valid statements:

counter number;

The maximum number of retries to send. The default is 5.

interval number timeunit;

The interval to resend, in seconds. The default time is 10 seconds.

persend number;

The number of packets per send. The default is 1.

phase1 number timeunit;

The maximum time it should take to complete phase 1. The default time is 15 seconds.

phase2 number timeunit;

the maximum time it should take to complete phase 2. The default time is 10 seconds.

natt_keepalive number timeunit;

interval between sending NAT-Traversal keep-alive packets. The default time is 20 seconds. Set to 0 to disable keep-alive packets..

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