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Does the Shrew Soft Client support my 64bit Windows Operating System?

The Shrew Soft Client works with 32bit and 64bit versions of Micorsoft Windows 2000, XP Vista and 7 operating systems. The only exception is operating systems designed for the IA64 Intel Itanium processor architecture. These are not currently supported.

The Shrew Soft Client on Linux connects but doesn't pass traffic.

Most communications issues are related to site configuration errors. However, the default system settings for Linux distribution will vary. This following link describes how to work around a common problem which will cause valid IPsec packets to be dropped by the Linux kernel.

During install, I receive "Error 0x8004a029: Couldn't install the network component".

Error 0x8004a029 means that the maximum number of filter devices for the system has been reached. Other similar software ( VPN clients, 3rd party firewalls, etc ) install filters. You can either attempt to remove other software that has installed a filter, or attempt to increase the following registry entry value to allow more filters to be installed.


After installing the client I can connect. But after I reboot, connections time out

If you are using a Wireless Adapter on Windows 7 and using client version 2.1.7 or earlier, this problem is related to the presence of a Microsoft Virtual Wifi Adapter. Disabling the adapter in the Network Connections dialog will allow the VPN client to connect properly. Client version 2.2.0 has a fix for this issue in the kernel driver and does not require the Virtual Wifi adapter to be disabled.