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A list of answers for Frequently Asked Questions is available at the following page.

Frequently Asked Questions


Online documentation is available for most of our products. If you have a question related to installation, configuration or a specific feature, please read through the documentation.

NOTE : A configuration guide for using the client with ipsec-tools is included with VPN Client Documentation versions 2.0.0 and later.

Configuration Guides

Most information required to install and configure our software is included in the product documentation. The following pages focus on specific configuration topics.

VPN Client and Open Source Gateway Howtos

VPN Client and Commercial Gateway Howtos

Mailing Lists

If you have a problem or a question regarding one of our products, please try searching the mailing list archives for a solution. We prefer to operate in a public forum as much as possible so that our clients have an opportunity to learn from each others experiences. If you have trouble locating a solution, please post a detailed message describing the problem. The mailing lists are monitored and help will be provided promptly.

mailing lists

Bug Reports

Before we can diagnose a problem with one of our products, its important that we receive an accurate bug report. The following guides describe how to gather all the data required by Shrew Soft to analyze and correct your issue.